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Green Tech Invest AG (GTI) is a developer of solar power projects in new and emerging markets of Europe and Central Asia. Most recently, the company has made solid in-roads into the Turkish solar energy market by investing into development and asset acquisition activities there.

As a wholly owned subsidiary of Terra Sola Group AG, a Swiss company listed on the Berlin stock exchange, GTI benefits from the knowledge, expertise and partnerships established by the Terra Sola team.

In the upcoming year, GTI is looking to expand its offering in Turkey by forging solid mutually beneficial partnerships that meet its investors IRR requirements while generating solid value-added returns for the Turkish people.

Our Strategy

Green Tech Invest AG plans to establish a solid on-ground presence in new and emerging markets of Europe and Central Asia. As high-growth markets, these markets offer superb investment and project development opportunities for all categories of risk appetites. In 2016, GTI is setting up a solid base in Turkey and Kazakhstan.


Riding the solar energy megatrend, Turkey is looking to make a mark in this growing industry by becoming a benchmark for neighboring states

… and Green Tech Invest AG is there to help it achieve its goal

  • Once the center of the Ottoman Empire, the modern secular republic was established in the 1920s and since the country has embraced democracy and a free market economy
  • Straddling the continents of Europe and Asia, Turkey’s strategically important location has given it major influence in the region
  • Joining the European Union has been a longstanding ambition. Since becoming an EU candidate country in 1999, Turkey has introduced substantial human rights and economic reforms in order to align with EU practices
  • Turkey has the world’s 17th largest GDP by PPP and 18th largest nominal GDP. The country is among the founding members of the OECD and the G-20 major economies
  • Turkey’s austerity economic measures helped the country successfully weather the global financial crisis
  • Benefiting from a low level of public debt the country has since bounced back and resumed a path towards strong growth
  • Turkey has long seen itself as the eastern bulwark of the Nato alliance

Solar Energy in Turkey

Like any fast growing economy, Turkey’s energy demands are set to steadily rise at an average of 6% per annum in upcoming past decade. Preemptively setting up the energy sector for growth, the government embarked on a privatization program; and today, boasts a completely privatized power distribution industry.

The current 70GW is set to increase to 120GW by 2023. To meet the consumer’s demands for additional cheap and efficient power, the government has boosted its efforts to incentivize the renewables sector via feed-in-tariffs, purchase guarantees, connection priorities, license exemptions etc. schemes.

With over USD110 billion required – i.e. to say more than double the total amount invested in the last decade – by 2023, Turkey is ambitious and aggressive in its implementation of solar energy as per its Vision 2023 guidelines.


Eager to exploit its untapped solar resources, Kazakhstan is planning to make its mark in the renewables sector. With the implementation of an aggressive FiT program, the country is poised to propel itself into becoming a leading center for solar power generation and knowhow.

Green Tech Invest is pleased to support the country’s vision.

The ninth largest state in the world, the Republic of Kazakhstan is a mineral rich country bordering Russia, the world’s largest country by area and China, the world’s largest country by population

Investment friendly policies have helped the country attract considerable FDI resulting in a 4-fold GPD growth – from USD57.1 billion to USD216.3billion – over the past decade

A solid indicator and a byproduct of a booming economy is a steadily growing demand for more power:
– Electricity demand is set to increase by 140% until 2030 and 276% until 2050
– Currently 85.5% of the power comes from coal-fired plants

The proclaimed strategy by President Nursultan Nazarbayev “Kazakhstan 2050” formulated the guidelines for the development of the country. Cornerstones of the economic policy are:
– Realignment of energy supply
– Reduced dependence on the natural resources sector
– Low level of debt
– Increased economic modernization

Solar Energy in Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan has ideal conditions for solar power projects

A dry climate with 2,200-3,000 sunshine hours per day, low population density and a flat, vast topography makes it a model location for PV power projects; a power source the government is keen to exploit

In the south, the countries average irradiation reaches above 2,000 kWh/m2/years.

Since June 2014, a fixed feed-in tariff law, № 645, to “Support the Use of Renewable Energy Sources” has been implemented with the support of the Ministry of Environment and Water Resources

As per the FIT program, the government’s indicative FIT price is in the range of KZT35/kWh – 70kWh (depending on surface conditions and Module production sites) with a 15-year period

The FIT Program has been heralded as a major step forward in the support of solar energy industry


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Green Tech Invest AS is a wholly owned subsidiary of Terra Sola Group AG, a Switzerland-headquartered company. Terra Sola Group is an investor and developer of customized utility-scale PV solar power projects around the world. A part of the Terra Sola family of companies which incl. entities in Bahrain, Jordan, Oman, Morocco and Egypt.

Terra Sola Group brings together Swiss financial expertise with German technology in the optimal solar energy producing conditions of the sunbelt.


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